Monday, August 3, 2009

Aug 3rd~

I'm back in KL, I reach h0me ar0ud 1am!!..huhux~ I left my charger & s0me 0ther IMPORTANT stuff..huhux~ Yesterday was my 1st day, after a m0nth being h0me..MC~..haahaa..Evry1 make a j0ke, 'New Partner'..haahaa..Wuteva laa, *redh0*..I find it's quite hard 2 get the 'm0mentum' back..But I'm sure by next week, everything's g0nna be back 2 n0rmal.. :)

I'm supp0sed 2 be back 2 KLIA this m0rning, 2 pick up my pass..But I'm t0o tired, my knee hurt..huhux..*Sumpah Saket*..I'm quite upset with my w0rk perf0rmance, cuz by 6pm ysterday I'm already half dead!..l0l~ If I'm 0kayh this m0rning, I might be able 2 pick up the pass & catch up with Edy..haaha..We'll see~

*I'm freakin tired..*

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