Tuesday, August 18, 2009


*L0ve it*

I'm g0in back 2 KLIA after this, n0t g0nna bring my lappy..Cuz my m0m wanna use it, she's MC 4 a wix..Due 2 'Demam Campak'..huhux~..S0, I'm n0t g0nna be 0n9 4 a wix, i guess..Uwaaaaaa!!..
I'm g0nna start w0rking 2m0r0w m0rning!..huuu..After a wix 0ff, it's quite hard..But i mish Starbucks KLIA..See u guys s0on!..heehe..0wh yea, many thing's happen last wix..But i d0n't have time 2 bl0g..heehee..Maybe I shud keep it t0 myself, when i'm free i'll share it..l0l~..

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