Friday, November 28, 2008


Pagy td d0k melyn cter tuh..Xtd0w seharian..Mmg best 0uh SEPI..Sungguh2 neh aku ckp..Mmg bet0l arr cakap Fatin, cter tuh mmg t0uching gler..& manyak gak arr bende yg aku sedar bile neng0k cter 2..Aku salute cter neh, mmg TERBAEK..

4 me part Imaan tuh mmg sedey arr..Die xleh nak let g0 of her b0yF..Ad0yaii..Kal0 aku jadik die, mmg aku p0wn leh jadik cam tuh..0r even w0rst ouh..Die jadik cam tuh sbb die syg amat kat b0yF die..& bende tuh dpn mate..Mmg xsng k0t nak lupe..

Fr0m her st0ry..
I've learned that GOODBYES will always HURT..
PICTURES never REPLACE having been there..
MEMORIES go0d 0r bad will always bring TEARS..
And w0rds can never REPLACE th0se FEELINGS..

Part si Sufi tuh lak t0uching gak d0e..Ilang bini cenggitu je..Tuh laa, da ilang s0mething baru laa nak appreciate..Time die ade sape suh ign0re..Da ilang baru nak nyesal..Xgune laa..d0d0l..4 me that's HUMAN NATURE..

Part AdAm..Klakar gak mule2..But then when he realized that he wanted 2 be with her..He g0 f0r it..Kesian si Suzy tuh..Tp wat pe nak kawen kal0 kite xsyg..Kan?..Bak kate '0pie' dlm Dunia Baru.."Aku skew k0!..Tp hati aku pade 0wg lain~"..Setepek kene..heehee..

If we d0n't really l0ve the pers0n we date n0w, just let them g0..Jgn nak kasik harapan..Xgune, baik kite lepaskan & pegy kat 0wg yg kite bet0l2 syg b4 it's t0o late~...

After i've watched this m0vie, i just realize that i just wasting my time..Waiting 4 him, it's such a waste 0f time..I have 2 m0ve 0n.."4get y0ur past FAtEn FadzIl"..There's are reas0n why he can't make it t0 y0ur future..But then, still..I wish i c0uld m0ve 0n, just like him..

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