Saturday, November 8, 2008

single mingle babe~

8th n0v 2008, 6.53am..

I'm single, again..I'm back 2 n0rmal..It's kinda frustrated but I'm kinda acting c0ol..Dunn0 y..But hell yeah, i didn't use any un apropriate w0rd 2 him..I'm big en0ugh..All th0se fuckinrds n0t g0nna settle evrything..& yeah,I'm n0t g0nna cry darling..Big girl's d0n't cry..heehee..Cuz i n0e, n0 matter h0w much i cry..It won't bring u back 2me.. Aite dear?..I h0peu're happy with y0ur decisi0n, with y0ur own ch0ice..The thing that breaks my heart the m0st is that y0u cheated 0n me..That's all..But then i 4give u!!..haahaa..It will get better in times..lalala...I can't cry nem0re, there's n0 m0re tears in my eyes..But my hearts bleeds like hell..hmmm...Anyway, n0t g0nna sp0iled my m0od with these break up thing..I wanna g0 0ut..Have fun as if i've 4get evrything..t0m0rr0w will may change, I guess~..Neway, i l0ve the qu0te..c0rrect0 perfect0..I'm sure there's a reason y he can't make it t0 my future..He w0n't make anyway..heehee..Thx 4 evry kisses, hugs, time & evrything..I'm g0nna miss u these few days ahead~ ;'(

*Heartbreak is m0therfucker!


Hajar. said...


we'll hang out today!! promise!!

*pUrple vi0let* said...

tHx babe!!..
tHx 4 2day~