Thursday, December 11, 2008

L0ve & Life~

L0ve related with Life..n0r Life related with L0ve?..
Every single pers0n in this wh0le wide w0rld is created in pairs..
Rite?..But me, I still can't find my pair..

I'll find him s0meday..I n0e I will..

But I d0n't kn0w where t0 start..

Shud I just sto0d tall..
0r shud I start walking?
Cuz I'm sick & tired of wanting & waiting..
F0r s0me1 wh0 d0n't really care..

Wh0's the lucky 1?
Wh0's g0nna be with me 4ever?
Where da hell is my Prince Charming?..l0l~

Maybe he's the 0ne wh0 always st0od by me..
The 0ne wh0 always be with me, during my ups & d0wn..

Maybe he's the 0ne wh0 i always hated..
The one wh0 br0ke my heart bef0re..

Maybe he's the 0ne wh0 live s0 far away..
The 0ne I never met, the 0ne i never kn0w..

There's t0o many maybe, baby~
y darling, wh0 knew?.. :)

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