Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3 wix, 3 dayz~

I always wanna be with y0u.

Life is t0o sh0rt.

Kiss sl0wly,laugh insanely.

L0ve truly, and f0rgive quickly.

Laugh y0ur heart 0ut.

Dance in the rain.

Cherish the mem0ries.

Ign0re the pain,L0ve and learn.

F0rget and f0rgive.

Because remember.

Y0u 0nly have 0ne life t0 live.

This is true.

"It takes a minute t0 have a crush 0n s0me0ne.

It takes an h0ur t0 like s0me0ne.

It takes a day t0 l0ve s0me0ne.

But it takes a lifetime t0 f0rget s0me0ne."

I w0nder.

"If n0thing lasts f0rever.

Can I be y0ur n0thing?"

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